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Town of Mosel Meeting Minutes


January Town Board Special Mtg. 1/15/19 Town Board 1/16/19 Town Board Special Meeting 1/22/19 Plan Commission Meeting 1/23/19
February   Town Board 2/27/19    
March Town Board Special Meeting  3/12/19 Town Board 3/20/19    
April Annual Meeting 4/16/19 Town Board 4/17/19 Road Inspection  
May Board of Review  Town Board 5/15/19    
June   Town Board 6/19/19    
July   Town Board 7/17/19 Open Book  
August Board of Review 8/12/19 Town Board 8/12/19    
September Town Board Budget Meeting Town Board 9/19/19    
October Budget Meeting   Town Board 10/16/19  
November Town Board 11/20/19 Budget Meeting    
December   Town Board 12/18/19    


January Town Board 1/17/2018        
February Town Board 2/21/2018        
March Plan Commission


Town Board 3/21/2018      
April Annual Meeting 4/17/2018 Town Board 4/18/2018 Open Book 4/24/2018    
May BoA 5/1/18 Board of Review 5/9/2018 Town Board 5/16/18

Town Board/Plan Commission 5/30/18


June Plan Commission 6/5/2018


Town Board 6/20/2018      
July Town Board 7/11/2018        
August Plan Commission 8/1/2018 Plan Commission 8/8/18 Town Board 8/15/2018 Joint Town Board & Plan Commission 8/21/18  
September Town Board 9/19/2018        
October Town Board 10/17/2018        
November Budget Meeting 11/21/18 Town Board 11/21/18      
December Town Board 12/19/2018        



January Town Board 1/18/17        
February   Town Board 2/15/17      
March BoA Meeting 3/7/17 Plan Commission 3/14/17 Town Board 3/15/18 Plan Commission 3/25/17  
April Annual Meeting 3/18/17 Town Board 4/19/17 Open Book    
May Board of Review  Joint Plan Commission/Board 5/3/17 Town Board Special Mtg.


Town Board 5/17/17  
June 6/13/17 Joint Board/Plan Commission Town Board 6/21/17      
July Town Board 7/19/17        
August Joint Board/ Plan Commission 8/1/17 Town Board 8/16/17      
September Town Board Budget Meeting 9/13/17 Town Board 9/20/17      
October Budget Meeting 10/11/17 HFD/Board 10/17/17 Town Board10/18/17    
November Town Board 11/15/17 Budget Meeting 11/16/17      
December   Town Board 12/20/17      



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